Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Harley to the Mailbox - April Fool's

I grabbed Harley, saddled him up endurance, and down the road we went.  Brave in the blustery wind, yet another windy day.  grr.

He was awesome heading towards the end of the road and the mailboxes.  He paused twice - once for barking running dogs, and again when he spotted the donkeys.  I was really surprised he was so relaxed going that far.  Things were going so well...

*insert the theme music to JAWS here*

We turned around towards home, and suddenly, he got googly eyed at the donkey pasture.  No live animals were in there that I could see.  He snorted and got incredibly terrified of something. I have no clue what.  I hopped off, and tried to walk him towards the fence.  Nothing doing.  He was having NO part of that fence line or pasture.  I hand walked him by it, until he relaxed, then got back on.  I could feel a bit of tension still, but at least he wasn't snorting.

Neighbor's young horse screamed out, and ran at a full gallop towards the fence line.  Harley paniced again.  I hopped off, and had to hand walk his oogly terrified self the rest of the way home.  That young'in screamed the rest of the way back to the house.  I don't know if something happened after we left, or what.  The goofy youngster made all kinds of noise at us.   I think he was jealous Harley was out for a walk, and that he's so handsome, but I don't translate horse too well.

It started out as a nice walk, and as he made the corner towards the house, he relaxed again.  Total time, 25 minutes.  We're going to make it to that mailbox and back this year, I'm sure of it.


SunnySD said...

Monsters in the bushes, oh my!

Hunter Zebra said...

funny how something looks so scary from the other direction for our friends.