Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10-21-13 Stirlingshire

Saddle fitters were in town yesterday - a quick drive to a barn near MsN's house.  Quick - relative for Texas.  Less than 2 hours, mostly highway, then quiet back roads.

Dressage saddle checked out a-o-k.  No work required.  Hunt saddle, being new, required some flocking in the front.  I took Harley out to test it post-stuff.

It was MUCH easier to sit upright in it, no leaning forward.  I wish I could've ridden a bit harder, but there were a few competing issues..
  • Horses galloping around in the pasture - "switching of the stalled/free horses" soon after I hopped on him.  Harley stopped, and shook, scared of all the chaos.  Also, two ponies lingered right outside the arena fence.  I don't mean a couple fences away, either.  Right outside the arena.  WTH?
  • Arena was on an angle along the short side.  The long sides were "flat", but short sides were uphill/downhill.  Harley, not used to such a slant, was definitely having to find some balance there. 
  • Footing left a bit to be desired.  As I walked into the arena, I saw slipped hoof prints.  Big'uns.  Hmm... I felt him slide a bit on those angles at the trot, so I rode the canter on the "uphill" end.  Didn't have much space to canter from that, as there was another saddle-tester hanging out on the long side. 
Satisfied the fit is good, and the longer I sat in it, the better it settled on him, we loaded up & headed for home.  After Saturday's road trip for the show, and Monday's trip for the fitting, I think he's owed a couple days off.  Then, it's back back to work! 

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