Saturday, October 19, 2013

10/18/13 Getting Ready

I've got my ride times - 5ish and 6ish tonight. 

Trailer's nearly loaded, minus the pile on the dining room table. :-)
Truck gets a bath this morning.  Not until after I do, however.

Kids are ready to go, well, nearly.  Need to get a feed list ready for my wonderful kid sitters this evening.

Last night, Harley got a bath.  Even with some rain overnight, he's still clean - miracle!
I will give him a brief Vetrolin shower before load-up. 
He also got trimmed yesterday - hooves check cool this morning at breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, blackberry, mango, strawberry, banana, spinach, juice, protein powder smoothie in the cup for me.  I've been experimenting with different fruits, making breakfast fruit smoothies nearly every day for about two weeks.  Good results - decent energy in the mornings, I don't get hungry soon after eating, and they seem to be healthy.  It's all frozen fruit & fresh spinach, how bad can it be?

We're traveling again on Monday.  Special plans!  MoJo's cousin, Monkee, will be visiting from Scotland. :)  The saddle fitters are in Texas, and I'm anxious to see them again.  Much flocking and plenty of fellowship.

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