Friday, October 25, 2013


Harley, jump saddle.  A nice cool morning to work again in the newly flocked saddle.  Flat work was nice.  I'm definitely sitting better in it now.   Rode some trot circles without hanging on the reins - arms out like a plane, hands on my belly, back, helmet.  Whee!!!  I did it a little at the canter, but only with one hand at a time. 

Trotted over to the jump - ground pole, 9' to X, 9' to ground pole.  First over, he was pathetically lazy.  With each subsequent effort, he gained a bit of ambition.  At the fifth try, I told him, "Just keep it clean, and we're done for the day".  Boing!  He planted, jumped nicely, cantered over the second ground pole.  A perfect place to stop.  :)

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