Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Settin' 'er Up &

Watchin' it rain.  Sunday, I set up jumps.  I have the standards and poles to make..
ground pole
cross rail 8' away
ground pole 8' away
cross rail another 8'
ground pole another 8'

That's all the stuffs I have.  :)  I didn't get to set it up under delightful conditions.  Instead, I set it up under a 2" rainstorm downpour.  Yup, that's me.  Why wait to do it after it rains, when I can do it in the rain?! I mean, what's the sense in checking the radar?! 

Monday, with a little mud in the working circles, I dressed Harley up dressage (after I hosed the mud off), and we worked a bit of dressage things.  Our canter work was limited to the dry places, and I let him do the thinking through the little bit of mud.  A nice 30 minutes.  I had that "gut feeling" I needed to end there.. Good thing.  I spent another hour investigating and repairing grounded out hot  fence. 

Yesterday, I had plans to jump.  Harley's fuzzy winter coat, the lack of decent breeze, and the heat index wilted my plans.

Today, a cool(er) front pattern came in.  So tonight, we shall try.  I think. 

If I can talk R into standing there and making the X's into ground poles, and lifting one, let us work it a bit, then lift the other. 

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