Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Harley did all the work last night instead of me.  I saddled him, and put him out on the longeline with side reins for about a half hour.  A few minutes in, he realized the saddle pad felt a little funny on his back - itchie I bet from the hair I wasn't yet able to brush off of him.  He tried to throw a fit, and ran into the side reins.  That made an even bigger fit.  I retrieved the longe whip to motivate him, which led to the teensiest bucking fit - once or twice.  Totally calm, I just hung on, and sent him on forward until he got over it.

Finally, some nice work to the left  - steady trot and canter without a fuss.  Sent him right, where he was totally delightful.  Hmm... back to the left, thinking maybe there was a soreness or a painful spot.  Nope.  That time he was better heading left.  We stayed there a while, working on the trot to canter transitions, trying to keep him from tossing his head up and racing into the canter.  A few nice ones, and I let him walk. 

Towards the end, I unclipped the side reins to see what he'd do at walk heading left.  He gave a big long & low stretch, reaching out with his body on every stride.. terrific.   Clipped the side reins back on and turned him right.  A little more trot and canter, followed by a circle of walk on the reins... And a few more laps with them off - more stretchie stretchie. 

Things looked good by the end, but what a horrendous start.  Will try to get a quick ride in tonight, as we're scheduled for some serious rains in the next two days - need to get going before we're flooded out again.

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