Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9-10 to 9-13

I had to travel for work last week, fairly close to the Houston area.  Rather than leave my habit hobby at home, I made some awesome plans.

I took Harley with me!  All Heart Horse Farm was fairly close to the hotel I was staying at, so I contacted them and made arrangements.  They were fantastic hosts, and gave H some pretty awesome care. 

Monday, after we arrived, I took him for a quick longe and a nice ride in the covered (show) arena.  He was fantastic, and perhaps remembered his show there last year.  Very well behaved, and very calm.  We had a nice long look at the pony in the mirror, something that wasn't as easy for him to see at the show.  Total ride and longe about 45 minutes.

Tuesday night, we worked in an open field bordering some grazing paddocks.  I chose this over the arena mostly for the "open space", and the distractions.  There was a lot going on in the paddocks all around, and it was easier to work off the fence than right at the rail.  This meant I had to control H's feet, and he also had to concentrate pretty hard on what I wanted done.  He had one good hard spook, I suspect from a neighboring filly watching us.  Not totally sure, I was focused on him, and managed to ride the spook out, immediately putting him back to work.  Total 40 minutes.

Wednesday during the day, it poured rain.  Rather than a hard work day, I tacked him up and walked him down the farm dirt road to their cross country jump course.  We walked all over the course, around the small pond, and over one log.  Nothing large there to spook him (thank goodness), and as he was snorting at a small A-frame jump, I thought, oh crap,  I hope there isn't a bunny or a mouse under that A.. .  Fortunately, nothing jumped out from under the "A", so it was a good experience for him.  I was highly pleased with how quiet he was in a strange, brand-new area.  He was a little tense, but not an explosion waiting to happen.  Very curious, and brave.  Total ride 40 minutes.

Thursday, we loaded up and came on back home.  A very nice break from training class every evening, to scurry from the hotel after class, dressed to ride, hit the highway and quietly relax at the farm with lots to experience for Harley.  A great trip.

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GunDiva said...

That sounds like the perfect way to make training for work tolerable!