Monday, September 24, 2012

9-23-12 AHHf #1

Harley and I competed at All Heart Horse Farm yesterday.  Weather was nice (for late September.. translation: no hurricanes, and it was less than 95F. See that look on my face? That says, "I'm staring at Harley's ears, and had absolutely no idea you were including ME in the pictures." I share this because Harley was insistent when we got back home that everybody see his bling browband I got for MY birthday. I got HIS bling. :) He likes it.. I am not loving that caveson, it looks thick on his little muzzle. It'll grow on me, I think.

OH!  You ARE including me and the ribbons in the picture!  Sweet!  Guess I'll smile now.
Intro C - First Place.  62%
Training Level 1 - Second place.  61%

I will post test details, scores per movement, and judge's remarks.  For his first canter show (and only a year into competing), he did great.  No wild spooks, no goofy moments.  In fact, I was convinced yesterday he struck off into canter-right on the wrong lead.  I asked for a trot, and picked up canter again (in my mind, delightfully happy he got the right lead as asked).  Eh, no.  I broke gait for no good reason.  He was in canter-right the whole time.  Earned me a "4" for that brilliant moment.

Regardless, we had a good set of rides, and a fun time.  All Heart is a very relaxed atmosphere, and filled with kind people. 

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Yankecwgrl said...

LOVE the blingy pony! yay!!!!

Sounds like you had an awesome time! woooohooo!!!

taking a break from studying to peek here and see if you had time/energy to post, and you did! yay! :)