Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day, Swimming

I owe some pretty darn fantastic ride updates from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as Mo's Labor day.  However, Harley wins the award for the most exciting equine moment of the long weekend.

I loaded him up in the trailer, and promised something fun.  We unloaded at the city park, which has a nice, usually shallow, nice-moving river.  Back home in PA, we'd call it a creek, but they call it a river here.  *cough*  Anyways, I walked Harley down to the river.  It involved a few good steep hillsides he had to negotiate.  We don't have steep (or even weenie) hills at my house, so this was nice.  He had to think about his footfalls, which was a nice change of pace. 

We arrived at the river bank.  He snorted at the water, then sniffed it.  Splashing himself in the face, he realized it was just water.

Harley proudly pawed at the water, then walked right in. 
Huh.. Moving water, check! 

I "longed" him at the walk in and out of the water, both directions.  He was startled by some leaves floating down river, but quickly got over it.  Then, something caused him to lift his foot extra high.  Front leg now OVER the lead rope. 

Harley started to back away from me swiftly, INTO the river.

to be continued, because this is just too darn entertaining to tell y'all in one post...

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