Monday, September 24, 2012

Romeo, not to be Outdone

 Wednesday evening, Harley and Mo went to fooling about in the pasture.  Romeo spooked and ran, and that turned into a wild game of "watch me do my best Arab impersonation".  He ran, bucked, kicked up.. Yeah, quite the sight.

 Thursday morning, he made sure to get my attention, with a swollen left leg. Looked like a baseball bat instead of a hoof. And so I cold hosed it, poulticed, wrapped, and stuffed 1g of bute in him.

We went that way all of Thursday, and Friday am. Three hose/wraps Thursday. Friday late morning, I called Dr. Sam. On the way home from work, I picked up some nitrofurazone, cling wrap, and gloves. (You KNOW that looked like a prank at the grocery store, gloves and cling wrap.. I digress...)

I cold hosed , added topical and medicine, all weekend. Sunday I skipped the bute, but kept up with the rest. Tonight, his leg looks like a leg again. Fortunately that means (I think) nothing serious. Much more energetic, and almost back to being ornery again. I think he's just jealous, and wants to play too.

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Yankecwgrl said...

glad his leg is back to normal. yay!