Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9-23-12 AHHf #4 Intro C Remarks & Score

9-23-12 All Heart Horse Farm
Leslie Cummings, Judge
Intro C
Score 61.75%

1. A to X Enter working trot rising. Halt through medium walk. Salute - Proceed working trot rising.
6.0 Resists into halt @X

2. C Track right working trot rising.
6.0 steady but reins loose at times

3. B Circle right 20 meters.
6.0 show more bend in circle

4. A Circle right 20 meters developing working canter in first quarter of the circle, right lead.
Before A working trot rising
5.5 nose twisted left

5. (Transition in & out of canter)
6.0 could be more balanced

6. K-X-M Change rein, working trot rising.
5.5 looks to outside, needs inside bend

7. E Circle left 20 meters.
7 better bend this way

8. A Circle left 20 meters developing working canter in first quarter of the circle, left lead.
Before A Working trot rising.
5.5 resists contact

9. (Transition in & out of canter)
5.5 needs balance in transition

10. Between F & B Medium walk.
6.5 add activity

11. B-H Free walk.
H Medium walk.
8.0 clear difference & willing transition

12. Between C & M Working trot rising to A.
6.0 argues with contact

13. A – G Working trot rising; Down centerline. Halt through medium walk. Salute.
6.5 drifts right after X

Collective Marks
Gaits (freedom and regularity). 7.0
Impulsion (desire to move forward with suppleness of the back and steady tempo). 6.0
Submission (acceptance of steady contact attention and confidence). 5.5
Rider’s position (keeping in balance with horse). 6.5
Rider’s effectiveness of aids (correct bend and preparation of transitions). 6.0
Geometry and accuracy (correct size and shape of circles and turns). 7.0

Adorable Horse!  Must develop a willing acceptance of contact to bit so rider can begin to have influence (more) in balance & transitions.

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Yankecwgrl said...

that mark for 11 was well deserved! nice job!! :)