Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Romeo.. Romeo...

Monday evening, I cold hosed his leg again.  It looked terrific, so I left the wraps and the nitrofurazone off overnight.

Last night, he came up for supper, and it was all puffed and swollen again.  After he ate, I took him back up to the wash rack, and got back to hosing.  The swelling looked like this ..
 Leg closer to the camera, the one you can't see hoof on.  That's his front left, from his perspective.
 Look at that tendon closer to the camera - EWWW.
Previously, the ankle was swollen.  Now, it's that gnarly tendon.  I cold hosed again for 20 minutes, rubbed the excess water off, both of which reduced swelling in the tendon. 
By the time I got to nitrofurazone and polo wrapping both legs, the front right ankle was a bit swollen as well.  Nasty!

Calling Dr. Sam again this morning, and we will probably get to visit with him this afternoon or evening. 

Mo, you've taken good care of me.  Now, 'tis time I take care of you.  But seriously, son.. You can QUIT trying to be a wild man like your baby brother... Relax more!

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