Monday, March 31, 2008

Gotta Get Caught Up

Updates Galore...

Chewie - lunged Thursday, 2/27, threw right shoe again. Robin said she talked to Mike, and he's thinking pads for front feet, help keep da shoes on. I miss him, and the ease of riding him. It's getting to him, too, as he's getting more grumpy in the pasture... Hope to have him back after the show.

Romeo - Rode every day last week except for Thursday. Combination of crossrails high, and 21" vertical. Knocked down a few fences, and had a good handful of really pretty jumps. Wednesday he got four shoes, which is helping immensely. He's a little lazy to start, but actually gets a nice full light trot "tigger style" after some warmup. No lunging, and again, with some effort in legs, he'll give in to the bit, arching his neck all-pretty.

Lesson Sunday - Crossrails, 21" vertical, and two attemps at 2fts. One 2ft hit with back feet, one 2ft sailed over with "hang time". Awesome excellent feeling to be suspended in the air for just that second or so. Robin claims he cantered two solid strides in between fence 1 & 2 one time (I think fence 2 was the 21" vertical, don't remember). I didn't feel it, mostly because he had wiggled around in front of #1, and I was pretty determined to focus on the backside after #2. What happens in the middle, at least in my mind, is just the break in between fences.

Plans for this week include Lesson Tuesday, Chewie shoes Tuesday, leaving town Tuesday thru Thursday (Robin to feed & lunge Romeo Wednesday), Lesson Friday, Lesson Saturday, depart Saturday afternoon, Show Sunday.

Here goes nothing... I'm so busy riding I don't have time for much else. Managing to kill the fleas around the yard, fill in the little flower garden behind the house, mow grass. Spent time with my cowboy friends Sunday afternoon at the neighboring Rodeo arena - pushing cows & watching them rope & train young horses. Cowboys have a much different riding style than hunters & dressage. We pick at the horse until they get the right answer - cowboys offer up about 2 chances to get it right, then start spurring the horse off away from whatever they just did wrong. Poor ponies don't know they didn't get the right answer... My Romeo? He screws up, he knows exactly what he did wrong. If I give him perfect cuew, good leg, and strong focus past the fences, and he topples one, he gets a strong leg after. Next look at those fences, we don't even discuss it - I keep solid legs, and firm cues, thinking "You better get it this time, I can see the perfect jump video in my head."

Jumpin's fun!

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