Friday, March 14, 2008

The Week - Chewie's Shoulder

Monday - Poured rain

Tuesday - Too wet to do anything but muck stalls

Wednesday - Tried lunging Chewie in the new arena-area. I was hoping to acclimate him to the surroundings, and get his mind thinking that part of the pasture now means "work". Caught, nylon halter, splint boots.

At walk, he was great. Nice big strides. At the trot, however, things were not good. Very lazy, very short strides, overall slow. Every so often, his head would bobble. It was almost like an irregular "off". Called Robin, she came to watch. Trotted him in-hand along the road, and she spotted some sore muscles. On this picture, it looks to be muscles 6 & 7. Massaged, rubbed in some liniment.

Repeat last night. Hope to have a healthy horse again soon...

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