Friday, March 21, 2008

Where did the Week Go?

Wednesday I tacked up Chewie for the first time in a while, walked out to the round pen, lunged no side reins, and rode, easy walk & trot. He was a dream. I was in my tall boots, and after the initial fear of sliding all over in my tack, we got in a rhythm. I had forgotten how nice it was to ride an easy-soft horse.

Had a friend come over & "babysit" so Romeo & I didn't kill each other over fences. Set up higher than normal cross rail, really thinking it wouldn't be a big deal. Boy was I wrong. He absolutely slammed on the brakes, and stopped, darting to the left of the fence. Many things were done wrong... I didn't look up ahead enough before the fence, I didn't push him forward, I wasn't looking forward. So, after it, he started jigging & refusing to pay attention to aids. Slammed on the brakes, climbed off, and walked over to tell Chewie "hi". Got back on Romeo, walk & trot around on the flat, then finally went over the lower rail, without issue . Accomplished about four hops over the rails, and called it a day.

Thursday I realized Romeo hadn't had any time off in quite a wihle. I felt bad, so I stayed away. Left him in the pasture, to be a horse, plain & simple.

Gathered Chewie & tack, and back to the round pen. Brief warm-up, in side reins, and he still looked phenominal. Impressively easy & strides gorgeous. Climbed on, and, again, had a fantastic ride. I really forget how easy he is to ride until a few schooling sessions with Romeo, then I realize how great I have it with my boy. Thought about cantering, then, realizing he hasn't been at work long, and probably wouldn't appreciate having the hair ridden off of him on the second session, I called it a day. Pivots on the fore & haunch were even incredible. Really Really sweet horse...

Friday So far, Romeo & I enjoyed a flat session in the round pen, focusing on stretching down & long, bending at the poll. Once he figured out the side reins, I took them off & jumped on. Then, once he figured out my aids, I quit him. Realizing he hadn't given me a full hour yet, I crawled back on in the front, and jumped the rails a few times. No hesitation; of course, I was pushing the living dalights outta him, and looking long out ahead, thinking in my mind, o O ( Don't you dare knock these rails over, because I'm not picking them back up. ) O o Good workout, about an hour's worth. Gave him a spray-bath with the "no scrub" shampoo. Happy enough with him, though the time with Chewie makes Romeo a bit more frustrating.

Still planning a ride with Chewie today. Yesterday, the round pen walls were anchored down more, planted about half of the back deck flower beds. The ranch services fellows called yesterday & again this morning. #1 I've not been forgotten, #2 They know the fence supplies are at the house, #3 They're planning to bring the tractors out & work tomorrow.

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