Monday, March 10, 2008

Who ordered the weather?

Jumping Jehosophat, or any other exclamatory that "blows your dress up". It POURED on Thursday! Estimated 4.5+" of rain at the house. Water running over the road ways in three places between the road-fork & my house. Water running all over the pasture, puddles all the way back to the barn! Rain Rain Rain... bah humbug. Yes I could use some precip at the house, but not that much!!!

Friday, still too wet to even consider riding. I cleaned house, worked around outside a little, but mostly inside chores. Hot water heater is on the blink, I think an electrical problem. Anyways, after a look under the house, it doesn't appear to be in the unit, or the wiring to the breaker.

Saturday, lunged both horses. Chewie was a saint, Romeo a dork. I think Romeo was stirred up being lunged in the arena area - the footing was packed, but soft. I could see it "giving" under his hooves but not swallowing him. Neat completely. Around the house, I got some mowing done to chop down weeds, cut open two small flower beds & planted a philodendron and an orange bird of paradise. It's neat to even consider planting tropicals, growing up in the great North. The bed behind the house I thought would be shady turns out to be mostly sun. I'll do some exploring today and find out what I can plant there.

Sunday, Lesson. And here come the winds! Like the week before, there were plenty of bursts of sharp wind, but it didn't scare me like the previous week. I caught Chewie with plenty of time to groom & tack up. He was fussy about Romeo being out of sight, but overall, calm about the winds. Short lunge before Robin showed up.

Lesson focused on heels down, sit up tall, sitting trot & posting trot. Total work for horse & rider, hour & half.

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