Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The weekend, oh the weekend

Friday night, tacked up Western, worked on Walk, Jog, Trot. Chewie didn't enjoy the western Tom Thumb bit, but it absolutely got his attention off of the happenings in the wind, and more on me. I kept getting little light-headed, dizzy spells, so put off canter for another day.

Total work (him lounging in side reins, me riding) = 65 minutes.

Saturday morning, Chewie & Romeo both got new feet. Good news for Romeo, and indifferent for Chewie.

Romeo's right hind split is improving! It's become a little hairline crack from the coronary down about 1". The split will never completely fade from an old injury, but at least it's not split 0.5" wide. He was trimmed significantly, and overall hoof condition looks great! My little man is progressing to a "real horse" with "real feet", and it's great!

Chewie's hooves, however.. darn boy. Everything had grown a ton! Mike cut a bunch of hoof off all the way around, all four feet. Unfortunately, his front right had grown soo soo much, we're back to widening the shoe on the outside of his hoof, adding Equilox all the way around the shoe. Mike said that, because of the Spring growing, and all of the work Chewie's been getting, the hoof growth was great, but just too much of it in one direction. I asked if there was anything that could be done to reduce the impact of him putting so much weight on that hoof when he's working, and Mike didn't think so. I wish there was a way to tell Chewie, "stop stomping, and move lightly, you'll feel better."

After some work-clothes shopping, MacKenzie & I went to PetSmart & volunteered for a few hours with the Calhoun County Humane Society (Kenzie's picture is at the top right of this page of their website). We walked doggies outside, loved on all the adoptable critters, and MacKenzie demonstrated how a plain normal basic dog can be adopted, trained in obedience, and turn into a fantastic house pet & family member.

Came home to an anxious horse. Tacked Chewie up hunter, and off we went the round pen. Side reins on 5&6, free lunge, side rein lunge, and off to work. Walked, trot, noticed he was pretty happy with his new feet. Heading left in the round pen, I centered myself in two-point, asked for canter, and off we went. First few strides in 2-point, next few sitting getting the rhythm, and then after I realized my arms were stiff as 2x4s, starting moving my arms with his face. We had about 5 great canter strides before I let out a good exhale to slow him down. It was fabulous! I didn't grab on for dear life, didn't deliberately lean forward, didnt' pull up on the saddle, just asked. I want to obviously get where I can ask sitting, but that will come in time.

More later on Sunday's intended-lesson-turned-nerves and saddle fit. Also, great news on upcoming arena construction!

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