Sunday, June 13, 2010

6/12/10 Hope

Grabbed up the big monster early morning again, hoping to get my ride on before the heat settled into the day. A gentle wind kept the true heat at bay, for which I was thankful.
Spurs, side reins, lunge line, gloves, off to the arena we go.
Ransom warmed up as if he’d reconsidered from the day before. He had obviously decided being good was much easier than being as ugly as Friday. The warmup was beautiful.
Hopped on, and let him walk loose a little. Then I pushed up to collection. Still no issues. A little arguing, but nothing the spurs & gloves didn’t fix. Walk/halts were pretty again. I sent him down the rail, off our comfortable circle we’d been on. Even heading straight, the walk/halts were nice.
Back to the circle, up to a trot. More nice work. Considerably less leaning on the forehand than I’d had the previous week. He was making much more effort to hold himself together. Circle looking good, back to the rail we go. It was nice work again. A little more attempting to lean on the forehand, though heading straight I didn’t expect perfection. I let him walk on each short side, and tried to not force him deep into the corners on the rail. Nice work.
Finally, finishing up on the circle at the canter. No straight line canter work yet. I’m still not 100% comfortable with his circle collection. Not much straight line canter work at the training level 1 & 2. No rushing to get there..

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