Sunday, June 27, 2010

HearthStone Training Test #1

I was actually not in some frame of mind like other tests. I had warmed him up on side reins for about 7 minutes, 4 left, 3 right. I hopped on to ride for another 5 minutes - all three gaits, mostly all left work. He felt a little short, but collected, and a little tighter on the bit. A little stickier than I wanted, but still really good. The show barn was a bit higher class than others I've been to - I wanted to make a ridiculously good impression. One that screamed out, "LOOK AT ME! My horse ROCKS! See us? We were on TV!" *giggle* Okay, that's a mind game. I really just wanted to do well, and feel better than previous rides.

1. Enter working trot, halt at X, salute, proceed working trot
7 = fairly straight, needs more energy

2. Track left, circle 20m
6 = needs swing through back, stretch to bit.

3. Working canter left lead between K & A
6 = some loss of balance at A
Let me tell ya here - Ransom picked up his canter, then in the first corner, dropped about three strides to trot. *giggle* I got him back, but "loss of balance" is a compliment...

4. B Circle Left 20m
7 = no comments.. :)

5. Between centerline and B working trot
6 = fell on forehand needs better prep and energy

6. C medium walk
6 = needs longer steps behind

7. Long free walk down the diagonal
5 = needs more swing & ground cover

8. "A" working trot
6 = obedient but needs greater push from hind legs

9. Circle Right 20m
7 = encourage more ground covering strides & stretch to bit

10. Working canter right lead in the corner
7 = prompt but falling in at C

11. "B" circle right 20m
6 = falling on forehand

12. Between centerline and "B" working trot
6 = needs more swing through back

13. Down "A" centerline, halt, salute.
6 = haunches right then corrected in halt

Rider comments
Gaits = 6
Impulsion = 6
Submission = 6 Needs to stretch through contact
Rider = 6
Accurate test. encourage horse to horse his hind legs more to push through to bit.

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