Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/28/10 Goofing Off

I gathered up Ransom, in a bareback pad, and his twisted wire bit.. Half chaps, helmet for me.

No warmup, no side reins, just hopped aboard and got down to it. Most of the work was collected, yes. I barely cantered, just a circle or two each way. 98% of the focus was on his walk. Forward, pushing, stretching under. Some trot, but since I can't sit a really nice forward trot on him yet, I didn't want to reinforce short strides.

Being silly, I also did some turns on forehand, turns on haunches, and some side passing. My goodness can Ransom side pass! Funniest thing! No clue how he learned that, no clue why that was ever useful in his life, but he's good at it! Also rode some leg yields at the walk, up centerline, and yield towards the rail. I tried shoulder in, but only got a step or two - makes me thinks I'm not asking right for it.

We goofed off for about 45 minutes. He got crabby towards the end refusing to halt pretty, so I kept him at a collected walk. Loosen the reins every time he'd relax, then ask for halt again. If he tossed his noggin, back to short reins, release a little bit by little bit, down to a halt. I got a handful of these pretty, and called it "good".

I'm all for focus and intensity.. but I'm also all for flat-out goofing off, too!

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