Sunday, June 27, 2010

The week of 6/ 21

The week of Ransom. *giggle* Yeah, that's a little cocky, isn't it? :)

I rode Tuesday & Thursday. Tuesday Jen and I bundled up a sweet little lesson. I gathered a few things --
Never repeat the same pattern of riding gaits & orders more than twice with that horse. He gets in a habit, and then gets crabby when the pattern is broken. We rode mostly canter work Tuesday. Is his canter bad? No... but he was in a habit of "Canter & done", which needed fixing.
Keep the reins super super short. Don't let him think for even a moment that he's breaking until he's really done.

Thursday, I took a vacation day from work. For this, I rode very early in the morning. The air was still humid & overwhelming. He was a good ride - nothing spectacular, but nothing terrible either. I rode the entire arena, which is something I'm trying to do more of. Can't ride a dressage test just on a circle, so I have been taking whatever improvements I can get on the rail and on circles in other spots in the arena.

Saturday, we all loaded up super early, and departed the house at 5am. We were heading to a new show barn, all our gear in-tow. Bring on the Show! =)

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