Wednesday, June 2, 2010

6/1/10 Drunk Sailors

At least that’s how it felt. Ransom and I tacked up dressage. By the end of the ride, I had reminded myself why I hate full seat breeches in the summer – stickie tackie stickie! Yuck!
Warmed up for about ten with long forward walk and trot. Quickly got down to business. I rode him through the basics with collection, all with good results. Posting trot for all the work. Again, I’m struggling to keep my legs long enough to hold my stirrups in the canter transitions – I know what I’m doing wrong, and I think I have a solution. Need a lunge-line holder for a set for dog & frog at trot. Once I did some dog & frog stretches at walk, and got my legs stretched out good, the canter transitions felt better.
Then we moved on to serpentines, figure 8s, and a few long diagonals. We were absolutely All Over the arena. It was beyond entertaining. Ransom tripped a LOT early in the serpentines, due to general laziness and not paying attention. Too many hours on one circle and at the rail – totally rider habit & error. After nearly ten minutes at a posting serpentine of varying sizes & shapes, I sat deep in the saddle. I very quickly discovered that sitting the trot through all the circular weaving pattern was easier. Ransom stumbled less, stayed collected longer, and didn’t fight the turns near as much. I can guess why – I was posting too high, too active with my legs, and not using my seat enough to guide him. When I was sitting, there was no choice but to guide him with my seat, using my inside leg only for collection, and my hands stayed more still.
A nice 45 minute workout, with some new variety. Tonight, my Ransom monster will enjoy the night off, and can enjoy his new clean coat. I cooled him down with a hose-out, and a soapy scrubby bath. Nothing’s much cuter than watching him stretch out & lean into the curry scrubber for a bath. Oooooh.. full body massage… I’m jealous!

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