Monday, May 31, 2010

05/31/10 Lesson and Choices

Jen arrived bright and early. We wanted to get the lesson over & done before it got hot out. Yep, you Northern folks can just Hush yourselves. It’s already hot & humid here, with horses in full sweat by noon, standing & grazing. Nasty!

The lesson was hunter saddle, but didn’t remain hunters for long. Well, it sort of did. This is the first time Jen’s seen him go since his injections. She said he looks much better, still a little stiff on the left rear. Not too surprising, it looked worse before the shots. Either way, he does move nicer, and seems much happier to go.

I rode only at one end of the arena, all three gaits, tossed in a little two point. We’re planning to go together to BRM on Saturday for a lesson with Barb, so we started talking about what I was going to do at the lesson. Primarily, which saddle am I pulling out. Am I going to get a dressage lesson? Or a hunter lesson?

I hadn’t tried two point with Ransom’s new legs, and I hadn’t tried any kind of “Airplane arms” either. I did a little of both, but more two point than airplanes. I found his trot to be much more left-right in two point than I remembered. The canter feels almost downhill – I can definitely feel more push from behind up in two point.

And we talked. And talked, and talked. There’s lots to be gained when two horse-minded girls get together & begin game planning and goal setting. And so here’s the plan – we’re going to take Ransom with his dressage tack to BRM Saturday. I’ve got a goal and a plan already in hunters – two point airplane arms with good balance. What I don’t have, is a plan-forward in dressage. I’ve been riding Training #1 and #2 for about a year now, and I’m finding dressage fun, but repetitive. I don’t quite know where to go from here. So we’re going to go see Barb Saturday, ride dressage, and find out “what’s next”.

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