Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rides Since Then

I have had one moderately decent dressage ride on Ransom since 5-20. And the rest? It absolutely, completely, no doubt about it, poured rain with heavy storms on 5-21 and 5-22. I estimate about 10”of rain or more at my house between Friday & Saturday.

As a result, there was a puddly, muddy arena. Then, there were and still are, mosquitoes. Some things are bigger in Texas, and these blood sucking bugs are no exception.

I’ve been confined to trail rides down the road mostly. Those started out as a good idea, but then I realized I treated more of my property with bug killers than my neighbors did.

The one dressage ride was good, but short. I got about 20 minutes of decent ride in, taking advantage of Ransom’s new hocks with a really nice set at sitting trot. I felt my butt tuck underneath me, and I was able to push him forward without holding on with my legs. Really nice. I thought I’d reward the good brief work with a walk down the road. We both ended up coated in mosquitoes & frustrated.

The walks out the road have been mostly uneventful. Ransom spooked at a flatbed trailer/truck combo. Romeo jumped sideways at some barking dogs. Both have been quiet around traffic, other quieter dogs, which has been nice.

I’m eager for the bugs to ease up, to get back in the tack, and get back settled in my hunt saddle on Ransom. I miss my stirrup-free airplane arms.

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