Thursday, May 6, 2010

05/06/10 Patient Update


Dr.Sam got busy with an emergency colic call in the afternoon and got started on Ransom late. Deanna called around 6:30, “Your Little boy is ready to pick up.” “Little?! You mean my big monster?” I arrived about fifteen minutes later, and found him standing in the tie stocks, hocks wrapped neatly. Dr. Sam rattled off the drugs & quantities, and I tried to pay attention. Ended up having to call the vet this morning for the details again.

He received
40mg Hyaluronate Sodium (HA)
6mg Triamcinalone (Corticosteroid)
125mg Amikacin Sulfate (Antibiotic)

Ransom cheerfully loaded in the trailer, I stopped off for some quick groceries, and headed on our way home. That was the slowest drive down the dirt road to my house, EVER. I snailed along down the road, paranoid I’d injure his freshly injected joints.

When we got home, I clipped on the lead rope, and left the trailer, holding the lead rope, encouraging Ransom to exit the trailer. He bent his head back towards me, with a worried face. “You can come out any way you want to, today, Mister Man. I leave it entirely up to you.” He moved his front end just a little, still staring at me with a worried face. “It’s okay, Buddy. If you’re too sore to back out, back legs first stepping down, come out head-first. I’m okay with it. Aren’t you hungry? Don’t you want out of there?” I tugged ever so gently on the lead rope. He came out, head first, and very delicately stepped down off the trailer on his back legs.

We carefully walked to the paddock, and I let him stay there for his supper. Remembering what Dr. Sam said, “You can take those wraps off in a little while, and he can have turnout for his rest”, I opened the paddock and took the bandages off. Ransom walked very slowly out of his paddock, drank water from the big tank, and began grazing.

I found him this morning cheerfully walking his fence line towards the barn, looking for breakfast. I didn’t feel any heat in his hocks, and when I applied a little pressure, he looked back at me, but didn’t pin ears, and didn’t stomp, swish tail, or fuss. I will be watching with great intent for the days to come. Dr. Sam told me I may see some swelling, but that’s a normal part of healing and adjusting to the meds. If it lasts more than 4 days, give him a call.

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