Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5/11/10 Rider Error

I grabbed Ransom after work. We were going to play dressage. Focus on bending, forward, and straight lines off the rail. I always feel like my lines are wobbly, and learned from the last BRM lesson to look up & over, and don’t look anywhere else.

I had one hekuva time keeping my feet in the irons. I quickly did some dog&frog stretches, and discovered my upper legs were ridiculously stiff. With them stretched out, I was so hopeful I could ride better.

I was better without my stirrups than with them. I was mostly having trouble keeping them in the transitions. Frustrating for sure, to feel like I’ve made such great progress, and then have a stickie day that my stirrups keep jumping off my feet. Of course, I could cheat, buy those magnetic stirrups – then my legs and feets could look like poo and I’d never lose my irons. That’s cheating! *giggle*

Total ride, nearly 50 minutes. I was singing along with my MP3 player. I’ve also committed in my mind to snag longer rides, by focusing on music, riding with the songs, taking walk breaks through a music interlude, or through a chorus, transitioning in verses or choruses. I’m not so much riding with the music tempo as I am riding gaits through the pieces of the music. Makes it variable, and helps me concentrate on keeping the ride going. Getting in that habit of the “20 minute power ride” again.

Wednesday brought a break to both boys. Saturday’s trail ride is looking worse and worse, with horrid weather on the way. Tonight, Ransom is up. I will start out in the arena, concentrating on longer legs and steady heels. We’ll cool it down with a walk out the road. It’s horrendously windy today, so I expect him to be a little jumpy.
Also been fighting with him about grain. He’s been refusing 75% of his grain for about 4 meals’ worth now. I’ve given him two doses of ProBios hoping that will help. This morning, as I left for work, I opened a brand new feed sack just for him, thinking maybe it was just a bag he didn’t approve of. Hoping to see more gone tonight. He’s diving into grass, and tearing up every bit of hay I give him, so it’s a minor upset tummy, or general frustration about his irregular work schedule. Hold tight, buddy. This weather windy madness eases up a bit, we’re right back to solid work. I promise in a day or four, I’ll get those rail razors back out, and we’ll get back to Momma’s airplane arms in the saddle.. I promise

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