Thursday, May 6, 2010

05/06/10 National Day of Prayer

And the show must go on, even if it’s in a legal debate right now.

And, for once, the President got it right.. I’m almost shocked.

President Obama issued a proclamation last Friday as his Justice Department appeals a federal judge's ruling last month that the day of prayer is unconstitutional.
"Prayer has been a sustaining way for many Americans of diverse faiths to express their most cherished beliefs, and thus we have long deemed it fitting and proper to publicly recognize the importance of prayer on this day across the Nation," Obama said in the proclamation.

Prayers continue for our country, our leaders, our military, and the unbelief.

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K. Erickson said...

I can't help but think that Prezbo's proclamation was less a heartfelt call to prayer and more a carefully calculated political move done out of obligation rather than faith.