Monday, May 10, 2010

5-9-10 Test Drive Ransom

Anticipation builds! I was so anxious to get back on my big SuperStar, see how he moved, see how he felt, and flat out just get back to bonding with Ransom!

I groomed, I wrapped legs, I felt hocks (cool and even), I cleaned feet (released a few small rocks, one from the middle of his frog, ouch!). I noticed during grooming, he was more willing to lift his back feet for cleaning. He didn’t lift them in protest with a fuss or swishing tail, he just lifted them agreeably. Nice improvement!

I lounged him, and I watched. He seemed pretty calm, relaxed, but moving somewhere. I won’t say forward & collected, but he wasn’t chasing running but certainly getting around the circle. His canters were really pretty, they looked very fluid.

After about 12 minutes, I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to get on & try. I started him right out at a walk, flexing his head & neck in from the rail, and out to the rail, both directions. I didn’t spend any time goofing off loose rein. He was very soft, and gave very little resistance to my requests.

The trot, was, well, felt spectacular. It felt, softer, easier to sit, and easier to post without EVER once having to add leg pressure. I got to use inside leg to bend him around me, but I never had to squeeze him up to keep him at trot. Not once.

Easy squeezes & a thought, and we were up in a gentle canter. This is probably the first ride *ever* on Ransom that I wasn’t out of the saddle, even once, at canter. Both directions, even when he lost collection and lost bend on the circle, I felt connected to my saddle.

I kept it around 45 minutes, not wanting to over-do his first work back on his new hocks. It did feel quite different, and I’m anxious to keep after it.

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