Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5/14/10 – 5/17/10 Weather Related Delays

Ransom’s all good to go back to full work.
Romeo’s wondering why he’s standing around with shoes on.
And I’m pouting.

Okay, not really, but I had to find other things to do sans ponies this weekend. It rained Friday afternoon pretty hard, Saturday morning it poured, and Sunday was too muddy & puddly for anything but feeding. Monday, I got home from work with high intentions on riding, and was rewarded with a storm just far enough away it wasn’t pouring at home, but just close enough I knew if I got out a horse or saddle it would rain.

Friday, R & I travelled to Houston for a “His & Her” shopping trip. We visited a few gun stores, guitar shop, and the saddle shop. We enjoyed lunch at our favorite stop, George’s on Dairy Ashford. Yum-O! Love the food there bunches! Hit the massive evening thunderstorm on the drive home – thank heavens for back roads outta Houston proper. Otherwise, I can’t imagine what that trip would’ve been like. Heavy rain, thunder, lightening, wind, and traffic? Nah, not so much.

Saturday brought more early morning rain, housework, laundry, errand running in town. We went to the gun range in the afternoon to blow off a little steam, and had a blast! Literally and figuratively. I’m getting better with each trip, my comfort level is up enough I don’t feel like I need watching with every trigger pull, so that’s good. My general position & accuracy are improving as well. One of these trips, I’m getting a target all my own, I’m going to blow a few dozen holes in it, and hang it on my office wall, I swear…

It was a muddy puddly mess at the house this morning, but determined to get a fix, I think I’ll hop on somebody bareback tonight and walk around the muddy puddly pasture a bit. It’s necessary to maintain my general sanity, at least keep it at its normal level.

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Stephanie said...

It does sound like you had a very well needed and well deserved weekend!

To bad your weather has been so wet! Hope things have dried out a bit today.