Saturday, May 29, 2010

The long holiday weekend

I sat at my desk Thursday afternoon, and said right out loud, "If I had to work Friday, I'd call in dead." I can't even type about what happened, but it happened Tuesday late morning, and it was pretty crummy. At some point, it'd be a neat learning experience for the "closet chemists" among us, but not worth repeating just yet.

So, riding, back to riding. Things in life always seem better from the back of a horse, don't they? Thursday, let me think...
Thursday, I think I rode. Yeah, Ransom. Dressage again, thinking he would need a few steady days back to work post-mosquitoes before any airplane arm silliness. He's awesome, he needs very little warmup, and after about fifteen minutes of all gaits light contact, he stretches down into collection, and, well, it's heavenly.

Friday Friday Friday.. What the hoo did I do on Friday?! The boys got new feet, which is awesome. Mr D saves the day with nice short feets and happy shoes. Love it! He's great, keeps track of the schedule, calls me a week ahead of time, and tends to my boys without demanding my presence. Love that! I also did laundry, housework, ran errands, decided my rump needed more horse time. But what to do? Oh yes ... Bareback, about 35 minutes before the mosquitoes from hell arrived in the arena. Walk, trot, canter. Yeah, that trot, with his new legs, wow! A little hard to sit bareback without serious collection. Now, his canter? Honey, all day long! No problem. Gosh it's smooth.

Saturday. Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo, with your newly trimmed toes, and your happy little self? Ransom? Yeah, you're covered in sweat from the heat, don't think I'm riding you today.

So Romeo, let's go play bareback in a halter, hmm? We're just gonna walk, nah, let's trot a little too. Oh yeah, sassy pants? You think you're gonna be silly at the trot, tossin' that happy little noggin? Oh yeah?! AH! Well, that's why God put mane on a horse. Wadda mane, cluck, kiss kiss, squeeze. WHEE! Oh yeah! That's smooth, toO! Now, it ain't Ransom smooth, but sweetie, it'll do me just great! Love that bareback Mo canter, too!

My boys spoil me. No long warmup lunges, no silly side reins in circles, and no "bracing for terror" gallop in the warmup. Love them for that! Especially when it's so frigging hot out, so early in the year, that we're all dying after the ride ends.

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