Friday, May 14, 2010


I finally found a way to make Ransom eat – stall lockup. For about three meals straight, I locked him up in his stall for a few hours, with water & grain. No hay, no attention. He got the hint – if he wants freedom, he’ll eat. J Works like a charm.

Thursday after work, the wind was howling my name. Howling “boo look at me.” I bucked up my courage, and got in the tack.

Ransom was delightful. We rode all three gaits, both directions, and even looked at the cows a few times. Yes, cows. They were grazing in the pasture next to us, and a few even laid down for a rest. Right where they usually are that spooks him. He didn’t flinch. That was absolutely delightful.

Knowing that dressage is getting boring & repetitive for both of us, I asked for some leg yields at walk. Sweet, and pretty. Stepping it up, I asked for leg yielding at trot. Heading to the right (left leg pressure), he was gawgeous! Heading left, a little stickie, but it got better the longer we did it.

I rode for about 40 minutes before admitting that weather had more wind and sprinkles than I had courage. We did have fun, though.

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