Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5/18/10 Polar Opposites OR What You Can Do in the Puddles

I’m torn between the two titles for the entry from last night. I got home after work, changed shoes only, to some nice rubber boots, and sploshed through the puddles back to Ransom.
He’s terrific. Never before has a horse walked up to me from across the pasture and dropped his head into a halter as often as he does. With the days he’s had off due to puddly stormy weather, he walked with great eagerness to me, and dropped his head straightaway into his halter. Love that!
I saddled him up western, in his twisted wire bit. Snapped on my helmet, tightened the girth, and got to walking. Since my side yard is nearly underwater all over, I walked him through it, testing a few things. What kind of mood was he in, and, if faced with a puddle across the road, would he go through it. Well, his belly got splashed with water he was so eager through the puddles.
Down the road we went. I walked away from the mailboxes first, eager to see just how far my courage would take us. He almost broke to trot, but was settled with a few half halts. I love that about him – he never tried to turn back to home, never weaved around the road, but settled in just on the edge of the gravel, and tromped happily. We didn’t see any deer, but encountered a few bunny rabbits and a few territorial dogs. One would yap her little head off when his toes hit her grass, but if he got his toes back on the gravel road, she’d hush. Funny! We walked five driveways down, which I believe left only one more at the dead end. We made it all the way to the last pond on the right, halted, and turned back to home.
Ransom slowed to a crawl. He poked tail the whole way back to the house. I realized it hadn’t been but a 15minute ride at this point, and it didn’t seem fair to quit just yet. Back up the road, towards the mailboxes. And again, how far would my courage take us? Would I see the neighbor’s goats splashing in his hideous pasture, and chicken out for home? Or would the incoming traffic send us trotting back to the trailer?
We made it! All the way to the road’s end, made a 180 turn, and headed for home. No goats to fear, just one silly car-chasing terrier cross that thought she could conquer Ransom, until he started walking towards her. Ransom pinned his ears at her, dropped his head, and I *swear* he was trying to cut her like a cow! It was hysterical. That dog was running from him, barking all the while, and Ransom stayed right along with her. So funny!
As we completed our journey, Ransom carried me safely straight back to the trailer, as if he knew he’d gone as far as he was going to, the adventure had come to a close. He let out a huge heavy sigh on the way back as we crossed into my property, as if satisfied with himself. My horse isn’t eager to get back to the barn, he’s eager to get going away from home. The polar opposite of a “barn sour” horse. How fabulous!

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