Friday, May 7, 2010

05/06/10 Vet Update & Mo’s Turn

I checked Ransom’s hocks straightaway when I got home, and found them warm on the inside – expected.

Grabbed Romeo, got him dressed Western saddle, French link bit. His rear pasterns looked a little swollen, but sometimes this eases when he works.

Walking out to the arena, Ransom followed along quietly. I turned my back to them to walk in the arena, grab the gate tape, and when I looked up, whoosh! Romeo was pinning his ears, Ransom had turned a 180, and lifted up to threaten-kick Mo. What the heck?! I don’t know who angered who, and that has NEVER happened before with these two. They’ve bickered over fence line with ears, but never kicked out at each other. Goodness Gracious!

I got Romeo in the arena, Ransom settled on the rail, walked up & down a little, then proceeded to graze calmly. Romeo and I enjoyed about 35 minutes, warmed up on all three gaits, argued a little about leads, and then settled down for some trot bending work. I bent him solidly one way or the other on a tight circle, and, when he gave & bent nicely, I’d let him travel straight a while. This went on for about ten minutes, with a few solid stops and backups.

We did a few rollbacks, some ugly, some nice. Side passing was beautiful, turns on forehand were nice, too.

I found Ransom’s inside hocks still a little toasty this morning. I’m avoiding giving him anything for pain, because I’d like to monitor symptoms to know how to best treat and deal with him. As long as he’s still out, walking around, and grazing, the pain must be minimal.

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