Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5/10/10 Romeo Exploring

With the trail ride coming this weekend, I had to start exploring away from home again. Ransom was none to happy with this decision, working himself up a sweat running fence line looking for us, but it needed doing.

Romeo and I went farther down the road away from home and found some cut down power line grass paths. I think they are power line clears, and doubling as little 4wheeler trails for some neighbor kids. I went a little ways off the road down the paths, then chickened out & turned back for home. Didn’t want the neighbors who own the property fussing and/or shooting at me, and sure didn’t want to match up with a 4wheeler & frighten Romeo. Maybe the next time those neighbors drive real slowly by my house snooping I’ll take advantage & ask permission to be out there.

We came back towards home, then went towards the mailboxes. I got distracted by a phone call and, knowing the last house by the boxes had their goats out, I was in no way going to tackle Romeo, goats, barking dogs, traffic, paved road, and my phone call all at once. I turned just before the goat pasture, and headed for home.

On the way back, a lady in a strange car slowed down as she approached me, so I turned towards her, and dropped the reins. Romeo took advantage and dropped his head to grab a bite of grass, and the reins flung forward. I managed to grab them right before they were over his ears. Giggling, I looked up, to see the UnID lady looking at me sadly, shaking her head “no no”, and drove on by.

Later, same UnID lady stops on the dirt road right in front of my house, then pulls up in front of the house, and proceeds to get out of her vehicle. I got a bit nervous, but knew I had Mo, and could easily hop on bareback & make it chase for her – house was locked, truck was locked, so not much to gain there.

UnID lady speaks – “Hi, I’m ___. I work with the Census Bureau, is this ###?”
“Ooops, nope. That’s WAY down the road, sorry. I filled all my paperwork out quite a while ago.” She then let me know “it was hard to know for sure, since I didn’t put #s on my house.” I ignored her remarks, and told her to have a nice day.

Total ride time, about 35 minutes. Too short, but light easy work. I expect tonight, I’ll turn the pressure up & work it good on Ransom. I owe him a light-day goofing off, but I also feel a bareback ride coming in the not too distant future. Mrs. Mom inspires me…

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