Friday, June 15, 2012


When I arrived home from work Thursday night, it was already cooler than it had been.  Heat Index around 99F.  Yes, hot.. HtH.. but !!!  By 6:20pm, it was almost nice.  Heat Index 95F.  I grabbed Harley, his dressage saddle, helmet, gloves, line, bridle..

Warmup was l-a-z-y.  No longe whip in the arena, left it at the barn.  Drat it.  After about 5 minutes, I gave up.  Hopped on.  You know, that "oh holy crap I hope I don't die for not warming the baby off of him hop on?  Yup... 

Harley was awesome.  A nice 30 minutes total.  The ride was relaxed.  I got some sweet trot to canter transitions, he stayed relaxed for them, and didn't need anymore than a lot of seat and a little leg. Most of the ride was on light contact, since there had been a 3 day break.  I asked for some collected walk, and he complied with a heavy sigh. 

I had more daylight remaining, and some burst of energy from somewhere.  I think I stole Harley's oomph all for my own.  I grabbed Romeo, tossed him in the bareback pad and bit and my helmet and headed to the arena.

He was awesome.  He was Mo.  Walk/Trot for 25 minutes.  He wanted to canter, my legs weren't in agreement.  what the heck was I thinking, second horse, no saddle. My elevator doesn't go all the way to the top, I swear. 

I got two great rides, all in a work evening.  How spectacular, plus the early Friday morning ride I had planned! :)

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