Monday, June 4, 2012

New Hoofs and Happy Rides

Mr Eddie came to visit 5/24 mid-day.  Both boys were easy to catch.  Romeo had the tiniest bit trimmed off his hoof walls, and a little bit of toes rounded up.  All things looking good.
Harley's trim was quite similar.  Just a little bit clipped off, and a bit of rounding.  He stood pretty good, and I do have before/after pictures taken, need posting. :)
His advice?  "Ride them today, for sure!  Tomorrow if you have time.  Let me know if anything comes up wrong, so I can make a note before I show up again.  See you in 6 weeks."

Thursday evening, I rode both.  Results?  All good.  A bit of warmth in all four hooves for Harley, and front right for Mo.  Didn't seem to affect either of them, as there wasn't the slightest bit of acting out. :)

Saturday I had some time to ride Harley again.  I took him to the arena, and after a brief warmup, we trotted through the ground poles and over the crossrail a few times.  Not a single problem.  Just a happy cooperative horse. :)

Sunday I hopped on Mo bareback in the evening for a few minutes, and what did I get?  One seriously jealous Harley.  I made it up to him Monday morning early and rode him out for some work. 

Last week had a few good rides, and a few more over the weekend.  We're getting the hang of our new homework from the dressage lesson.  I'm getting anxious to show it off and find out what's next .

I owe some hoof pictures, some new splint boot reviews, and more good detailed videos of a few things Harley's up to. :)
OOh Yeah.. and a grim picture of my sad helmet before it gets replaced.  I will say this for now..
Check Your Tack!  Check your Safety Gear!  Don't use it if it's not 100%!

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