Thursday, June 14, 2012

More than Just Racing

Last night, Mo and I had a nice half hour walk down the road, away from the mailboxes.  Passed CRNG's now vast yard of buildings and other yard junk.  Passed Mr. T's driveway, and the crazy grandfather who pitched a fit when I called the cops on his grandsons for shooting at the arena.  Got another two driveways down, and halfway past the pond.  He was uncomfortable with a number of things by then, so we turned back for home.

At lunch today... Conversation between a coworker & I.

CW:  So, how are the horses doing?
Me:  They're good. Real good.
CW:  Have you been to any races lately?
Me:  Racing?  What for?
CW:  You said before you competed them.  You haven't done any more racing?
Me:  CW, you realize there's more to horses than racing, right?  You've not seen any of the equestrian events in the Olympics?
CW:  Nope.  I just thought there was racing in competition.

*big deep heavy sigh*  Yup.  I'm proud of me.  I made it out of the room without bursting into giggles.

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