Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6/5/12 Laughing at Myself

When the weather had cooled to around 95F ( yay,,, Summer is apparently here,, with a vengeance), I grabbed Harley.  Saddled endurance, regular bit, helmet, tightened the girth, took him to his pasture, and closed the gate.  Boldly I climbed on him "cold", recognizing it was still too toasty for a true longing warmup.  Now, remember, Harley had a wild bucking habit in this saddle, not so long ago.  As he started to walk through the pasture brush, I felt about 2' taller than I do on Mo.  Saddle?  Taller horse?  General "up" feeling?  All of the above.

Harley walked leisurely towards the back of the pasture, skirted around the pond, and wandered behind the arena.  He paused just a moment to look around, then kept on going.  I kept the reins loose, looking around myself, telling my body to stay relaxed for the "easy day".  He paused at the brush side of the property, and expressed some interest in walking down that side.  Hmm, I thought... "Brave kid today.. Well, here goes nothing.  Wonder how wild he'll get the first limb that rubs his legs, my legs, or the saddle."

He didn't even hesitate.  Harley picked his way along the slightly uneven pasture ground, stepped around the brush, walked through the edge of limbs, and as they rubbed him, me, and even the saddle pad, he didn't do more than flick an ear of recognition.  Delightful.  A few more overhead limbs scratched against my helmet, and I still only got an ear.  "Yeah, Mom, I know... I'm getting over it."

I dismounted at the gate, unlatched it, hand walked him through the gate, and hopped back on.  As I pushed him forward to walk, he almost immediately popped up to trot.  whoa there crazy baby.. easy dude  I was able to quickly get him back to his lazy walk.  We sloshed through the sand pile, and around the yard a bit.  As we came through the "ditch" in front of the house, he went to trot again.  uh oh.  I have a feeling we shoulda stayed in the pasture, you know, with the gate & all  I started to pay attention to what might be causing his up-energy.

CRNG was wandering around, in a speedo only (ew), but not making much noise.
I didn't hear any deer or other assorted wildlife around the area.
There weren't any cars on the road.
Dogs weren't barking.  Cows weren't moo-ing, donkeys weren't braying.
ooh , wait.. I bet.. it's.. perhaps...
I tucked my toosh under me, and deliberately "pushed" with my seat.
Harley hopped up to trot. 

Oops.  :)  No leg cue necessary anymore.  I now need to be aware of every part of my body, and deliberately relax even my seat, cautious not to give a "go hurry up" cue with my toosh. 

needless to say, it was a delightful 25 minute walk around.  We wandered up and down the road a little, back to the pasture to splash in the pond, and then returned to the wash rack for a hose & scrub.  I let him mow the front yard a little for me before returning him to his pasture. 

A really nice, "few days off and no warmup needed" walk around peacefully.  well, all except for that little "cue to go" thing I accidentally used.

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