Friday, June 15, 2012

6/15/12 AM

I was up at my regular time, 4:30am.  Don't laugh, I have to be at work at 6:30, and to make the 40minute commute, shower, make coffee, and feed this wild herd, it needs doing.  I fed the kids, even the horses a bit early.  I dressed to ride, drank my coffee.  Okay, I savored it.. I had time for that today.

At 6:15am, it was barely light enough to head outside.  I had to hunt for Harley, who saw me exit the house dressed.  Little bugger, I ate THREE spider webs this morning. I demonstrated some mad ninja skills on each one, too.  Least that's what it looked like, I'm sure.  Dressed him in all his garb, gave in to my hot little buggers half chaps, gloves, helmet, and headed out.

Warmed him up with the longe whip  and the side reins for a few minutes.  Again, after he realized I meant business whip PoP, he gave in and gave a beautiful tigger-springie looking trot.  It was cute.  I hopped aboard, and we got down to business. 

Another fantastic 30 minutes of solid, hard work.  His free walk was forward and stretched out, I got some nice relaxed canter work, and found the sitting trot more forward than posting trot.  anybody else have this happen, or is it me?  Bad posture?  Bad form from me posting making him get slow?  

I'm thinking now, he's ready for Intro C.  I don't think we have any opportunities to show it soon, but I'll start looking.  A bit more work to do yet on the stretchie trot circles before Training 1.  Anyways, we're sure getting there.

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