Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Whatta Birthday! Rides 1st (Romeo)

Mo had so many "light walking days", I decided it was high time he work!  I mean, work!work!  Trot AND Canter WORK.

So we did.  A nice 40 minutes all three gaits.  He had some serious GO in his giddy up.  It makes me giggle when he wants to run like that.  Makes me wish I had some long flat (safe) straightaways I could let him fly around.  He got a little lazy turning at the trot, so we did figure 8s and little circles until I was dizzy. 

At least the rain had quit.  It left a steamy arena in its place.  It was rather hot & muggy by the time we finished.  I hosed Mo down, then watched him roll in delight.  HAH Mom!  You can't keep me clean!  I'm the dirty pony, 'member?  Yes, Mo,,, I know ... *sigh*

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