Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5/3 Weekend

Friday, both guys got exercise.  Harley was re-introduced to his french link loose ring snaffle bit and flash noseband.  OooH!  Mad horse!  He fussed and fought, but finally relaxed some.  I kept him on the longeline, and let him figure out what he needed without my body weight interfering. 

Saturday, H got ridden pretty solid.  A nice long ride, and when he got past the warm up and relaxed riding, I checked the time.  About 25 minutes to "relaxed" work.  Good to know a week from now.

Sunday, both ridden again.  Harley got to play in his jump saddle.  His work improves every ride in it.  That day, we had a nice canter in 2 point down the long sides without him breaking gait.  Great progress for him to not over-react and break to trot every time my body weight moves up off his back.

Monday, both were trimmed, and have new shorter feet.  :) Weather's been good for hoof growth, so great progress there.

Tuesday, both ridden quietly.  Walk/trot for Mo in the arena.  Harley was going to go walk down the road, but the gravel road was too much for his recent trim.  I walked him out to the arena, where he seemed pretty happy to work.  Light walk/trot/canter on some light contact, some loose rein.  He worked out very nicely, stayed bent and quiet.  and all with zero warm up on the line or otherwise.  I stayed light and didn't ask much.  Heh.. didn't have my spurs on either, so I'm glad he wanted to do the job.

Tonight we'll be back to work.  Harley at a minimum in his show bit and dressage saddle.  Mo?  Well, we'll just see how much git'up'n'go I have after H is done. 

Otherwise, I'm working a lot, I'm riding a lot, and I'm forcing myself to take time to relax.  I owe ya'll a video of me at my guitaring skills, rookie at best, but it's getting more interesting every session.

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