Friday, May 31, 2013

Harley's Habits

Harley has a few quirky habits..

  • He pees directly before the ride, on the walk to the arena, 95% of the time.  And it's not a little trickle, either.  Running faucet.  Hard rain on a flat rock.  LOTS of pee directly before we get to the arena.  I can almost get him to pee on command if I take him to that spot and stand facing him. 

  • He licks.  My hands, my arms, my shoulders, my head if I'd let him.  After the rides, standing at the wash rack, hosing him down, he'll bend around and start licking.  Not biting, not even nibbling.  Just licking.  Like a dog on an ice cream cone licking.

  • He eats ice from my drinking water cup.  In these warmer temperatures now that summer's here, after the ride, I grab my Bubba water cup.  It's usually ice filled, water, and some MiO flavoring.  I can grab a handful of the ice, offer it up to Harley like a cookie, and he snarf it up.  Happily.  He'll go after the cup if he doesn't get as much as he thinks he should, too.

But, with all this, I always find some joy in catchign him in the pasture.  When he sees me, holding a halter or not, cookies or not, he'll nicker at me, and start walking towards me.  98% of the time.  He doesn't run to me gleefully hollering, and he doesn't crowd me when he does walk up.  He'll get about 6' from me, and stop, head down.  Happy to work, I suppose.


Yankecwgrl said...

Next time we horse shop for you, let's try to find one with personality, kk? I mean, all these bland, dry sense of humor types are a bit dull!

SunnySD said...

Too funny - love that he enjoys your company, even with all that w-word you inflict on him, lol!

Jennifer said...

w-word! HAH! As you'll see in an updated post later today, H isn't loving me as much right now. :(