Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What's Been Going On

Harley has been after it, big time.  We've had a TON of good rides.  The scheduled schooling show was postponed.  Both covered arenas, along with most of Houston, got 5"+ of rain.  The covered arenas had standing water from the rain coming in sideways.  So, no show.  Next scheduled I'm registered for is June 2.  Training 1 and Prix Caprilli 1.  I hope to debut Harley's new hunt saddle if we have time to switch gear between classes. 
He hated his french link loose ring bit after all the time he's had in the Myler 04 combo.  So I "bit the bit/bullet", and bought him an 04mouthpiece d-ring Myler.  I hope he likes it.  If not, I'll keep searching.  It should arrive late this week, and we'll get switched over to it.  It's now show-legal, and with the same mouthpiece, I'm hopeful.

We've worked on some leg yields, shoulder-in, haunches-in.  I've had a LOT of terrific trot and canter work.  Jennifer came over to watch and lend a few tips.  As a result, now we're focused on increasing the energy of that trot for little bits of time, and increased straightness.  Harley is learning to keep his head straight, even on circles, and bend in the body instead of just on his neck.  It's a neat feeling when it all works out .

I had some ugly spooks and splats in the last few weeks, and now I've had one chiropractor visit and another scheduled.  He's spooked at one spot in the arena, usually when I'm asking for increased "GO!", and I suspect it's a newly born fawn deer hiding in the brush.  If he'd spook straight forward, or even up, I'd probably be okay.  However, he shoots forward one stride, and then starts to duck aside, and I just can't seem to stick with him.  The last really ugly splat, I was hanging on by one stirrup when I realized it just wasn't going to end well.  It's led to some ugly lower back pain and numb/pain shooting down one leg.  Chiro to the rescue, I hope to be better soon.

Romeo has been just Mo.  Some great rides, a few cute simple changes, and we're getting less trot in between them every time.  He has had great bareback walk/trot days, and others where I can feel the urge to run.  I've done a little work to compact him up and ask for a working trot.  Just not his thing, but he's going to learn to tolerate it at least a bit.  Another group trail ride coming in the near future, so he has to keep his mind going for that, along with some basic fitness. 


porkpal said...

Yay! Prix Caprilli! Go for it.

SunnySD said...

Finally catching up on some of my reading/riding news :) Sorry to hear the earlier show was rained out, but hopefully the moisture will mean good things for somebody's hay crop. Hope prep for next weekend's show continues well, and the new bit works out. And no more Splats!!!