Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Harley's Adventure Today

I owe much blogging updates.  However, I'm lazy.. No, correction.  I'm tired.  Today was BIG. 

Simply.. the last few days:
Harley LOVES the Myler D ring.  LOVES it.  Cooperative, obedient, and nice. 
His dressage work is coming along nicely.  If I don't use side reins in the warm up, he doesn't have the same energy that he has when I use them.  Weird kid.  The harder he works in warm up, the better the ride.

Here's a snippet of today.  I had the pleasure of a lesson with MrsN.  Neat lady, easy to understand, complimentary of H's quiet demeanor.  I have a LOT to work on...
More energy, Harley!  Keep him moving, off the forehand (*grin*, after a slight mishap, this is more important than ever), and some neat tips on increasing his canter energy.
*Coming out of a canter circle down a line, add inside leg, and lots of it.  Sit a driving seat, and add lots of inside leg
*Ask for the trot, get what he's gonna give me, and then ask him for more energy in that trot.  Let him settle in the gait before asking him for more
*Bend a bit,  Even on the lines, ask for a little inside bend
*Shorten the jump saddle stirrups at least two holes.  Ride more two point, and get my leg out a little in the trot at two point. Knuckles on the neck, resting quietly
 *He still loves his trotting over x's.  Today was a day, that, well, I smiled.  A lot.  He did great.  Here's proof. :)


Mrs Mom said...


Lookin sharp you two!

Yankecwgrl said...

you BOTH looked great! Glad you had a good time, I know I enjoyed it! :) can't wait to go back!

SunnySD said...

Look at those ears! He DOES like that, doesn't he - what fun!

Jennifer said...

H definitely enjoys some trot poles. I am starting to think it's time to suck it up, grow a little more courage, and make taller jumps more frequent. You'll see why in the show judge comments.