Sunday, May 5, 2013

Monkey Mondays 5/5/2013

Monkey insisted on going to work with me.  Then instruments started to break.  Naughty Monkey! 

 Our robotic "automatic" equipment broke.  I blame him.  I was able to get it fixed, though.  No help from him, he just wanted to ride around on the robot arm.

 Then, to make it up to me, he grabbed some tools, and offered to do some preventative maintenance.  As we say at work, "Better check the nut behind the septum."

He offered more to replace some parts.  Monkey, that little part right there?  Just about a year ago, I overheard a joke about you and that part.  Laughed so darn hard, I nearly got in deep trouble.  Thanks again, but no! 
Finally, he stuck his nose outside.  We're in the midst of a major construction project in my building.  He crawled up on the bobcat, because I refused to let him play in the drilled holes, on the dirt piles, and the crane?  Definitely No!

With Monkey watching, I was able to get that robotic equipment working again.  Co-workers are always joking, "I have the mojo to get instruments behaving."  So, I've named him. 

MoJo the Monkey

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Yankecwgrl said...

glad you had your MOJO to help you fix the broken stuffs! <3