Friday, May 3, 2013

4.29 - 5.2

4.29 Rain!  We got a bunch of hard rain, and it was wonderful.  Water everywhere, filling up the pond, watering the grass and the flowers. 

4.30 We walked.  Harley got a brief longe warmup to check his soundness - check!  Finished him up with a bareback wandering walk all over the arena.   Mo got a bareback walk and trot.  He was less belligerent than his last ride, so I didn't ask for as much long trot.  Less head-flipping and protest, with more good obedience.

5.1  Came down with something at work, scrambled home, called it a useless day.

5.2 Would've needed a reverse super hi powered fan to ride, blowing opposite the front that was slamming into the region.  No rides.  I had trouble walking outside it was so windy, so a good honest ride was OUT of the question.

5.3  Maybe today I can get back into it.  I'd like a ride weekend.  You know, two a day F/Sa/Su, one a day M-F, back to two a days on the weekend?  I need to get back into it ...

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