Saturday, May 25, 2013

Healing My Back

Chiropractor Monday, 5/20.  After work, I overconfidently boarded Mo.  He did his job, which was effortlessly take care of me.  He ignored my crappy balance, paid no attention to my leg cues, and fought every time I took up on the bit.  He wanted to just walk and jog me around.  I was appreciative of his stubborn nature.  Somehow, he knows when I'm physically not well enough to "work", and babysits instead.  I was fairly sore after the ride, and realized it wasn't my best decision lately. 

5/22, after another chiro adjustment, I was feeling brave enough to try Harley again.  Rather than ask him to work hard, only to lead to another rigid crummy ride, I hopped on bareback.  Helmet & bridle to the arena, with all his longing gear along, just in case.  He took the role of "Mo", and behaved perfectly.  No weird moments, just lots of long & low walk around the arena.  He was obedient when I took up contact as well, lifting his back and still moving out.  I think we accomplished a lot in the half hour of walking. 

5/23, back to the arena, longing only.  Lots and Lots and Lots of transitions.  I also did quite a bit of walk longe with him in the side reins.  A few times, I took the side reins off, and sent him back out at the walk.  A very nice long&low stretch walk resulted.  Super fantastic.  Lots of trot, not so much canter, but lots of walk & trot.

5/24, Romeo was back to work.  He was more obedient, less babysitter, more worker-bee.  A few simple lead changes, lots and lots of loose rein work.  No collected work.  He spooked as a bird rustled from the tree line, darted about 1' inside a circle, and with the extra space my endurance saddle gives us, I was able to stick with him.  He was at the canter when he bolted aside, and went right back to the canter after his 1' jaunt.  No biggie.  It felt good to be able to stay with him for it, and begin to practice how I'm going to stick it with Harley.  We did have some good "core stretch" trot work.  Drop the reins, hands behind the lower back, directing him only with legs (& spurs), trot trot trot.  It makes for some neat balance checks, and a nice way to "see how things are going" in my position.

Harley dressage.  I skipped the longe warmup, since he worked hard day before.  Really nice work.  Really nice.  Lots of transitions, and while I rode the pieces of TL test#1, I didn't ride it all together.  Towards the start of the ride, I got the longer canter work in.  Near the end, we finished with the center trot circles and stretchy circles.  It felt pretty neat to have a canter about 5 minutes into the ride without a warmup longe. 

Today, drizzle looms outside.  I won't let it stop me.  I've got plans for mid-day Tuesday, the last day of my vacation.  Anxious to see how Harley does then, so we've got to get crackin' before that arrives.  :)


Karen Burch said...

What type of endurance saddle do you ride in? I am in a Trekkerland by Prestige, which is basically an European Calvary saddle and has the best, deepest seat I have ever rode in. I can definitely understand why they rode this style of saddle in the calvary, since several spooks later I have not yet lost my seat.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for commenting. Romeo and I ride in a Tucker. It's got western rigging/girth, but it's hornless. Super squishy seat, and he seems very happy in it. It's got a deep pocket in it where I sit, and I am definitely more secure in that saddle than others.