Wednesday, February 20, 2008

180 Turnaround

Great night workout last night. Lunge-circle, due to the stupid puddled round pen. Fair amount of goings-on in the background, from trucks driving through neighboring pastures, FedEx truck rushing down the road, neighbor's playing catch with their goofy dog chasing traffic.

"2" number for the day. Warm-ups, free lunge, 2 walk-to-trot, one walk, 2-canter, 2 trot, reverse. Added side reins on 5 each side. A few circle sets walk & trot.

Climbed aboard with a friend to hold the lunge line. He was an angel. Absolutely no problems. A little lean to the outside going right, but add a little contact to the lunge line, and back to perfect. Worked on posting trot hands-up, and sitting trot inside arm up, outside arm up, both arms up, two circles each.

Side reins removed & cooled down with a little extended walk, collected trot posting, and a little WP jog.

Happy Rider, Happy horse. Total work - 45 minutes.

Countdown to Satori - 3 days. Weather's looking to be fabulous, and I've about got my trip route planned out. Go Verizon Wirless VZ Navigator!

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