Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day Three - Pre-Work Thoughts

I've centered myself a few times, focused on soft eyes, did the leg & hip work as well as the shoulders, and a little "shake out", and I'm feeling more aware. Not just aware of the people around me in the breakfast room, but aware of everything. Last night, leaving the restaurant, I noticed everything was LOUD. Lights seemed loud, people talking seemed loud, even the traffic congestion seemed loud. It was like everything was screaming. I think focusing on bones & tiny joint centering has me so aware of myself, that I'm incredibly aware of everything around me. Even in the little hotel breakfast area, a few talking children seem loud. The TV volume is barely on, and I can almost hear it. I can even hear the juice machine as it buzzes off & on. Everything is just loud, and almost distracting.

Really hoping to get a lesson on Iris followed up by a ride on Chewie. There may be some benefit to even having the Instructor ride him a bit, and then myself some.

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