Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Applying what I learned, or trying to

Round pen was still slushywet on the low side, but we went in anyways. Warmed up free lounge 10 minutes, side reins 5 & 6 another 10.

Climbed on, "head chest belly pulse, roll the ball forward", he didn't move. I clucked, he walked on. Tried to stop the ball spinning for a halt, exhaled, still nothing. Told him "whoa", and he stopped. Thinking he was just wound up in the wind, we went into some contact-full walk, and contact trot work. Tigger it was! Nice big springie trot, light on contact, alert, and paying attention. Worked in both directions, tried the light seat to posting and a little sitting, but really didn't find the light seat to be working out (I think stirrups were shorter, "light seat" felt almost like two point). Did get some sitting trot without holding onto the saddle pommel. Tried to keep hands a bit farther side-to-side from his withers, and found it a little bit easier to stay light in his face. They were in a happy middle from where I had them before the clinic, and where Instructor said they should be.

After about 25 minutes in the round pen under saddle, gathered up his stuff, went to the front yard and cooled off at the walk. His halt still wasn't stellar, so I worked on that a bit, tuned that up. Also worked on turning mid section before moving head & neck. I was certainly looking where I wanted to go with my eyes, and that went well.

Total work, 45 minutes. Back at it again tonight with a lunge in side reins - not as much free time between work & choir this evening. It was nice to have my horse back, under my control, riding under my terms, and with my expectations.

I'm suddenly playing through the weekend like a Mastercard commercial..

Clinic to train rider... $330
Boarding for dogs to attend clinic... $150
Hotel, meals, travel tolls, and gas... $250

Riding my horse back at home after it's all over... priceless.


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